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Industrial Trade Directory-ITD offers various business profiles to ensure that it is easy for the visitor to appreciate the total capabilities of your company. Your Company Profile account includes:

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  • 10 Products & Service Profiles. Offer your products or service for sale. Offer new, used, unused and refurbished products for sale or place a "Buy" request.
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  • All profiles are interrelated with your user account and you only have to open a user account once to use all different profile options. In the case of a paid membership you only pay for one membership to be able to use all profile options. From your account above you can submit and edit the profiles that you want for your company. At any rate, you should publish your Company Profile. You are free to add any other profile in addition.

Unlike most directories, Industrial Trade Directory-ITD is not just a static website that lists information about companies and their products. ITD offers active support such as Free Advertising opportunities, Active Marketing Services such as finding new markets, sales reps, distributors, sourcing, an active and collective Quotation Request System whereby procurement can email collective product inquiry to manufacturers, suppliers and services providers, but we also provide banners, and logos or get your listing submitted by our experts. The advantage of working with ITD is that you are dealing with people that understand the business because they have been or are industrial manufacturers, product designers, and sales and marketing professionals themselves. Use their experience and contact them for any form of questions that you may have in developing your business.

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