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Control valve market to grow at a significant rate from 2019 to 2025.

The control valve market is estimated to grow from USD 8.0 billion in 2019 to USD 11.3 billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.9% during the forecast period. Rising demand for energy, increasing adoption of valves in oil and gas production-related firms in GCC countries, growing need for the connected network to maintain and monitor various equipment in plants, and surging focus on establishing new nuclear plants and upscaling of existing ones are the key driving factors for the control valve market. Use of 3D printing in manufacturing valves, the introduction of IIoT & industry 4.0, the need for replacement, adoption of smart valves, and the focus of valve manufacturers to offer improved customer service are among the other factors fueling the growth of the control valve market. However, high fabrication costs & a rise in collaboration among industry players can hinder the growth of the control valve market. Actuators to account for the largest market size from 2019 to 2025.

The control valve market, based on components, has been segmented into the valve body, actuators, and others (IPC connectors and positioners). Actuators are expected to account for the largest share of the control valve market during the forecast period. This can be attributed to the increasing use of actuators in the oil & gas, energy & power, metals & mining industries; actuators are installed in industrial locations that are not easily accessible by humans, and actuators can provide uninterrupted and reliable services during the operation of the valves. It is expected to record the highest growth rate during the forecast period It is expected, especially in APAC countries, to record the highest growth rate during the forecast period. Rapid population growth and urbanization in developing economies, such as China, Japan, South Korea, and India have prompted speedy development of several industries, such as energy & power, water & wastewater treatment, construction, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and oil & gas, which, in turn, will upsurge the demand for control valves.

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End ValvesTubing Function Valves, Twin Seal Valves, Two Port Thermal Control Valves, Umbrella Valves, Underground Valves, Union Bonnet Valves, Universal Bellows, Unloader Pilot Valves, Unloader Valves, USA Pattern Air Valves, Vacuum Check Valves, Vacuum Evacuation Valves, Vacuum Latch Release Valves, Vacuum Piloted Valves, Vacuum Relief Valves, Vacuum Seal Off Valves and Valve Operators, Vacuum Valves, Valve Adaptation, Valve Amplifier, Valve Assemblies, Valve Assembly Systems, Valve Cable Seals, Valve Cages, Valve Closure Matrix, Valve Closure Systems Emergency Shut Off Systems, Valve Design, Valve Extenders, Valve Gating, Valve Grinders, Valve Management Solution, Valve Manifold Assembly Systems, Valve Manufacturer, Valve Operators, Valve Plates, Valve Proving Controls, Valve Refacers, Valve Seat Pockets, Valve Software, Valve Spring Retainers, Valve Stem Assembly Systems, Valve Test Bench, Valve Testing Systems, Valves UK, Valves, Valves, Cryogenic, Valves, Custom Built, Valves, Polyethylene, Valves, Reconditioned, Valves, Stainless Steel, Valves, USDA, Valves, Vapor control, Vapor Line Shear Valves, Vapor Shear Valves, Venting Pilot Valves, Vertically Mounted Air Relief Valves, Wall Mount Wash Diverter Valves, Wash Basin Faucet Assembly Systems, Wash Diverter Valves, Waste Water Plant Valves, Water Ball Valve, Water Check Valve, Water Float Valve, Water Flow Control Valve, Water Gate Valve, Water Pressure Relief Valve, Water Regulator Valve, Water Valve Types, Weight Control Valves, Weight Loaded Vent Valves, Wellhead Valves, Wet System Valves, Yield Valves, Zero Leak Poppet Valves,

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