Control Valves Design Manufacture

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Business Type: Manufacturer
Product, Services or Capabilities Keywords: Manufacturing, Design, Sales and Marketing, Control Valves, Inspection Services, Quality Control
Brands: Fisher, Gulde Armturen, Holter Armaturen, Yarway
Target Industries: Power Plants, Chemical and Processing Plant, Engineering
We are searching for: Sales Agents/Sales Reps, Distributors, Import/Export Trade Agents
We export to: Africa
We are looking for export opportunities to: Africa, European Union, Europe

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42nd Street 1503 Tulsa, Oklahoma 10036 United States

Our solution for the final control element used in modern plants includes control valve assemblies and accessories such as air sets, positioners, current to pneumatic converters, limit switches, and pressure gauges. 

We are searching for: Manufacturer's Reps, Sales Agents/Sales Reps, Distributors, Import/Export Agents

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