Norton Commercial Activities
We get it. You need more than abrasives to finish the job.
That’s why we’ve developed key alliances to broaden our availability so you have access to a total job solution without the headache of doing supplier verification. We’ve already done it. So, now you can spend your time on the activities that are all about delivering a high quality product to your customer and making money for your business. Read more about the companies we’re teaming up with to bring best-in-breed product choices.

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Product, Services or Capabilities Keywords: Abrasives Manufacture
Brands: Norton Abrasives, Clipper
Target Industries: DIY, Industrial Distributors, OEM, Manufacturers Industrial, Direct Users
We are searching for: Sales Agents/Sales Reps, Distributors, Import/Export Trade Agents, License Partners
We export to: Africa, Southern Africa
We are looking for export opportunities to: Northern America, Asia, European Union

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One New Bond St Worcester, Massachusetts 01606 United States

We care so that when you need the right sandpaper for your kitchen remodel or the right grinding wheel to streamline production in your plant, we’re d

We are searching for: Manufacturer's Reps, Distributors, Import/Export Agents

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